The Winery


All our grapes are harvested by hand where the first grading is done. The grapes arrive in the winery in 20kg crates in perect condition for the hand sorting.





This is where we sort out any unripe or damaged grapes so only the very best grapes are used in the vinification proccess. All this is done by hand to our exacting standards.





All the latest modern equipment is used to hand craft our wines. Double tanks give a superior skin contact and gentle pump-overs go on through the night. A slow pneumatic press avoids damaging the delicate grapes.



The Barrel Store

All our barrel aged wines are matured in french oak for between 9 months and 24 months. The barrel store is fully temperature controlled and small barrels guarantee a perfect wood contact ratio.





One of the most critical operations in the wine making proccess. This is where we bring together all our influences to craft a wine with identity and character worthy of the Gayda name. All our vineyards are vinified seperately to give us the best expression of the terroirs in preparation for our final blends.




All our wines are bottled on the Domaine in specialised lorries that come directly to the winery. These lorries are staffed by an experienced team to ensure quality and consistency with every bottling.