Cabernet Franc

Chenin Blanc
Sélection Parcellaire combines a vintage, a terroir, a variety and a vineyard with ideas and trials in the winery in order to create the character and personality of the wine. Our laboratory of taste!
For this 2016 vintage, the quality of our Cabernet Franc was outstanding. During the fermentation process one small batch in oak tank was so pure that we extended the maceration, more like an infusion, to see how the wine would develop with prolonged contact with the grape skins… This experience resulted in an infusion lasting 180 days (normally 20 to 30 days) with eventual pressing of the grapes on the 10th April 2017, during the Easter full moon! In order to express fully the ‘pure nature’ of this incredible vineyard, situated just in front of the winery, we have not added sulphur.

Vinification process: 

Picked in 20kg crates
Fermentation in 3000 litre oak tank
Punch downs
Grapes immersed and infused for 180 days
Pressed on the 10th of April 2017
Gravity bottled on the 10th of May 2017
No sulphur added. The little amount of sulphur in the wine (10 mg/l) is naturally occurring. No fining or filtration.


Cabernet Franc planted at the Domaine, Brugairolles, in 2004 : Sandstone soil.


Due to the nauture of this wine, bottling was directly after press.



  • Indication Géographique Protégée - Pays d'Oc


Cabernet Franc




Total acidty in H2SO4: 


Residual Sugar: 



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